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Do I Have to Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy A House?

August 5, 2018

We have all done it before. That well-meaning DIY project that seemed simple in the online video. Whether it is your internally thrifty nature to save money or the fear of trusting another person to do the job, sometimes you should give your decision to do it yourself a second thought. You could find yourself a third of the way through the project and find yourself saying, “What have I gotten myself into? What was I thinking?”.But then, you realize you are in a situation where there is no turning back, you’ve committed and must see this through. All the way through the continuation of this project, you see the error in your ways and promise yourself that the next time you will get a professional to handle it. Like many projects that we all tackle in life, some of us can do it and others shouldn’t. It is like some of us have green thumbs and can grow beautiful gardens. While there are others that can kill a blade of grass by simply looking at it. So, if you are thinking about buying a house without a realtor, there are a few things you may want to consider before stepping out on that ledge.You might want to consider contacting the wonderful realty professionals at Carmona Homes a call and let their expertise do the work for you.

Those that decide to go it alone without a realtor have their own reasons for doing so. But just like everything else in life that you choose to do all on your own, not everyone has the savvy to do so. In fact, the reason some realtors are so good at what they do is because they possess certain professional traits that make them a success Now, before you go all-in and still decide to go it alone, maybe you should ask yourself the following questions first to determine if you are one of those people that have what it takes to purchase a home without the help of a Carmona Homes real estate professional

  • Do I have the attention span that will make me attentive to details enough to do the tedious research required?
  • What can I professionally do to give an unbiased analysis of things associated with real estate?
  • Am I the type of person with the ability to organize everything I find out about real estate and the properties I will be considering?
  • What do I legally know about the “fine print” and am I able to read it fully to understanding and act upon what I read

If you can honestly say yes to each of those questions, then you just might have a chance of purchasing that home on your own. If you are unsure or say no to any one of those questions, then it is important that you get a realtor you can trust to do the work for you.

In addition, before you attempt to purchase a home alone, here are four of the most difficult steps to buying a home with and without a realtor that you should first consider.

Searching for that perfect home

A realtor will go through online databases, making a portfolio of prospective properties. This portfolio will contain the current market info on the property, comp information on the neighborhood and then walk you through and explain it all to you. Without a realtor, it is all a find and search process that is all on you. You will have to go through online real estate sites to find the homes that match your possible wish list. This is where your research savvy must kick in. You must spend hours of time researching local market trends, a task that can become tedious and time-consuming.

Getting to know the neighborhoods you’ve chosen.

With a realtor on your side who has the innate knowledge of the area you are looking at, you will be informed about neighborhood statistics. This realtor can tell you all about the schools, zoning, walkability of the area and shopping potential. Without a realtor, it is up to you to do your footwork and internet searching to find all the information that is important to you and your family. Who knows? It could be fun, or it could be the most mind-numbing adventure you could every undertake.

Making that competitive offer that is meaningful.

A realtor has the expansive knowledge of market and comp information that allows them to get you the most competitive offer at the price you are looking for. This realtor is expert in the art of leveraging negotiations. On your own, you will have to learn the negotiation skill and be ready to use it on the fly. It involves more research on your own about local comp prices and knowing what is considered fair. You must also be able to determine what is considered “too high” and know how to counter and use the comps in your favor.

The “fine print”, what does it mean?

A realtor knows and understand the fine print of real estate paperwork and know how to interpret the legal language. They can clean it up and clarify the clauses, explain the hidden fees and conditions for you so that you can make the informed decisions that matter to you. If you have decided not to use a realtor, contracting a real estate attorney may be your best option in this case. You must understand the legalities of the documents you are about to sign and if you don’t have a legal background yourself, then take no chances.

This is by no means a full list of pros and cons of purchasing a home with or without a realtor. However, it shows that purchasing a home is not the average DIY project that you should take lightly. But if you are still considering making that move all by yourself, it pays to get prepared and be ready for those “What have I done?” moments. Still not sure? Contact the professionals at Carmona Homes and become a home owner without the purchase headaches.