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The Carmona Realty Group Knows the Real Value of Your Venetian Isles Property 

The Carmona Realty Group Knows the Real Value of Your Venetian Isles Property 

When you have the right realtor to help you sell your home, they know that it is essential that you know the “real” value of your home. Having Carmona Realty Group to handle the sale of your home in Venetian Isles is the best decision you could make. These are the real estate professionals that are able to provide you with a truthful overall picture of what you can expect when selling your beautiful property. They know how to use the latest in online tools, comparable properties, and appraisals to find value and sell your home like the professionals they are. What is even better is they know the Venetian Isles area very well and are therefore more capable than other outside realtors to guide you in the sale of your property and get you the best potential offers.

Your home value is important. You may wonder how to determine what your home’s value is and why does it truly matter. Look at it this way, when you first purchased your home, how much did you think it was worth when you were considering purchasing it? Using all the information you were given about the home from different sources, how did you determine how much this home was worth to you? So simply put, your home is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. But in the grand scheme of things, it is really worth your time as a seller to know the real value of your home so that when the offers start rolling in you will be better prepared to negotiate or accept the best offer.

The Carmona Realty Group Can Use the Real Value as a Tool to Sell Your Home in Venetian Isles

Knowing the real value of your current home or a prospective home you plan to buy will help you buy, sell, refinance or even give you the ability to negotiate lower property taxes. Below are given five possible ways to determine the “real” value of your home.

It is important to know how to access and use online valuation tools

When you go online to the Carmona Realty website,you have access to their home value estimator . Using the estimator on their website will give you a more reliable idea of what your Venetian Isle home is worth. Don’t be afraid to do your own research. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the better you are able to make the best decisions for you. Using public records like property transfers, deeds of ownership and tax assessments will possibly predict your home’s value based on recent sales and listing prices in the Venetian Isles area. Try to stay away from the valuation information given on home search websites as they may not be accurate. It would be best to stick with the information you can get from Carmona Realty Group and glean on your own accord.

Use a broker or realtor such as Carmona Realty Group to get a price opinion and competitive market analysis

They are always ready and able to go deeper into the value of your home and give you honest information concerning the market and what competitive properties are offering. They will even be able to provide information concerning recent sale values of similar properties in your Venetian Isles neighborhood.

Go online and use a federal house price index calculator

To get a quick estimate of what your home is really worth, there is a federal housing financing agency house price index (HPI) calculator . Using this calculator applies a scientific approach called a repeat sales method.It can track the change in a property’s value from one sale to the next. It will then take all of this information and use it to estimate how values fluctuate in any given market. One note of caution however, this calculator looks at conforming home mortgages and does not adjust for seasonal changes or for inflation.

You can hire a professional appraiser

With the guidance of your Real Estate Agent at Carmona Realty Group, they will assist you with your Venetian Isles home appraisal. Lenders require an appraisal before a mortgage is approved. However, as the owner of property in Venetian Isles you can personally hire an appraiser to estimate your home’s value any time you’d like. Appraisers can evaluate,

  • The current market in the region, city and neighborhood in which your home is located.
  • Your property characteristics which include improvements and the land it sits on
  • Comparable properties in the same market. This includes sales, listings, vacancies, cost, depreciation and other factors.
  • After all the data is collected, it is all combined and a final opinion of value report is created for the home and delivered to you for your review.

Lastly, a realtor can use those appraisals to look at the recent sales of comparable properties in Venetian Isles.

Carmona Realty Group can use “comps” to determine your Venetian Isle home’s market value without the information from an appraiser. Then, using and “apples to apples” comparison, consider which properties would draw a potential buyer’s interest if your home was not available on the market.

These are only suggestions that you could use to your benefit.When valuating your home, it is best to use common sense solutions. This can better provide you with an honest “real value” of your property and it may also offer you suggestions concerning improvements and other strategies that will allow you to sell your home and the best price possible.