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Do Real Estate Agents Get Commission on New Construction?

Do Real Estate Agents Get Commission on New Construction?

Anyone that has ever considered purchasing a home in Miami, near Venetian Islands knows that realtors generally work on commission. But what is important to you as a home buyer is, “Who will pay that commission?”. Consider this, when you are working with a great realtor , they are the one who will negotiate for you with the builder getting even more savings for you. Your realtor typically goes to bat for you especially when there is a deal to be made. When looking at a used home many assume that the price is flexible and go into a bid process. But when looking at a new home there is the assumption that the price is fixed. In reality, on most occasions, there can be more flexibility with new construction. With all that is involved in the process, it is not surprising to find out that it is quite common for the builder to be the one to pay the buyer’s agent roughly 3% of the sales price. The idea here is to attract agents toward the new homes when they are working for their clients. There are times when the realtor will work for the buyer and the new construction seller. In this case, the realtor gets both commissions.

Many times, who pays what depends on the individual situation. The realtor will get a commission from the builder provided it was the builder who promised a fee in the MLS and the fee is confirmed by the real estate agent . Also, if the realtor and the builder have an agreement concerning referrals just in case the realtor is the one who brings the buyer to the builder.On the other hand, the builder is not expected to pay the commission if the realtor introduced the buyer to the builder with no expectation of referral fee or commission to be paid. Also, there is no expectation of a commission if there is a fee listed on the buyer agreement between the buyer and realtor and the buyer is not represented by a brokerage. The bottom line is, a realtor can save a buyer a sizeable amount of money in overages and mistakes. In addition, there have been many cases where a realtor is compensated by their client or the builder for continuing to help the client ensure that the builder is building exactly what they agreed upon.

What are Buyers Agents?

There are builders even paying 5% commission as an incentive for agents to pitch Venetian islands Miami beach FL homes for sale when the average commission is about 3% Builders may also have agents who are licensed realtors and they are considered as contractors or employees and get paid on a different scale because of the captive environment. However, when a new construction is not on the MLS, but they are advertising that the builder welcomes buyer’s agents, that is a way of saying that they would be willing to pay the realtor’s commission if necessary.When their website states they will pay buyer’s agents a fee, your realtor must go in with you the first time you go see the properties to register you as their client. Without this, builders often won’t compensate the agent and you’ll lose your representation. You will not get a discount for not having an agent. You’ll just lose the one person you had in the transaction that isn’t negotiating against you.

Always remember that the builder’s agent will represent the builder, not you. It would be in your best interest to get licensed and experienced realtors like those at Carmona Homes to lead the charge when looking for your newly constructed home. It is good to know that builders will have a great bit of experience when it comes to negotiation. So it would be best to have a realtor with years of real estate negotiation experience on your side. Always remember, having an experienced realtor on your side for negotiation is not an expense you can bypass. It is priceless. It is your realtor that will understand the nuances of a new home purchase. They will be the one that will work on your behalf to negotiate that better deal, the upgrades you can get, and what other items will suit your best interests. Many people would not even consider trying to purchase and existing home without a realtor. So, why would anyone consider purchasing a newly constructed home without a realtor? No matter who is paying the commission, having a realtor on your side is the best investment you could make.

Hire Your own Realtor When Buying a New Build

It might be in your best interest to bring your realtor to the table. Otherwise, you will be un-represented as the agent that will write the offer for you works only for the seller. This could mean that they are not obligated to protect your interests. A builder could possibly have their own contracts when a lot of the standard protections that buyers have in the purchase agreements could be changed.