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When you are in the process of purchasing a home, even one in a beautiful area like Royal Green, you have to ask whether or not it is close to the amenities you need.

Telling and Selling – What Your Real Estate Agent Can Do for You

Telling and Selling – What Your Real Estate Agent Can Do for You

Telling and Selling – What Your Real Estate Agent Can Do for YouDo you really know what your real estate agent is supposed to do to represent you as the seller? Many people think that all they do is “sell” your home. But there is so much more that goes into making the deal work. As a real estate agent, you are obligated to your clients to do everything you can to make the process of selling their home go smoothly. You are the professional they have chosen to turn to for help. Most people want an agent they can not only trust but will do all they can to get the most money for their home in the least amount of time with the fewest headaches along the way. Because some home sellers know so little about the sales process, it is easy for a realtor to do the bare minimum to get by as an agent, but they quickly find out that their business goes nowhere by doing the least possible. But when you as the seller gets one that does their best by covering all the bases, they will gain a great reputation and get all the extra word of mouth referrals. The realtors at Carmona Realty Group are great realtors. They know the hard work it takes to sell your home. Smart home sellers understand there is a big difference between being mediocre and being a great realtor. They are the ones that do so much more than put a sign in the yard, place it in the MLS and wait.

It May Be About Location, but It is Also About the Job the Realtor Does

The barriers to entering the industry are far too small when you consider a real estate agent is typically handling someone’s largest asset. Many professional critics think it is far too easy to get a real estate license today. They believe that realtors should take more time to study and prepare for a realtor’s license. What this means is one thing, you could find yourself disappointed by picking the wrong real estate agent to sell your property. When selling a home, you can easily choose the wrong agent, because the odds are always stacked against you. When you go with Carmona Realty, you get the most knowledgeable and highly educated realtors you can possibly get.

In order to increase the chances, you will make the right choice in picking a real estate agent, you need to understand what things real estate agents should be doing for home sellers. When all of these tasks are completed in the correct manner you will be happy with your results. By understanding their most important tasks a realtor should be doing, you will be better able to make a smart decision.

Know Up-Front What Your Realtor Will Do for You

  1. Pricing a home properly is the most important thing you can do as a realtor.The agents at Carmona Realty Group knows that Exceptional Real Estate agents avoid giving in to the desire to say what will make sellers happy just to attract business. Their top-notch Real Estate agents will price each home using their training, understanding of the market and comparable sales.
  2. Marketing is one area where your Real Estate agent should shine. Your agent should be taking great pictures of the property – hiring a professional photographer if necessary. The photography in your home is absolutely one of the essential elements in selling homes. When you see how appalling some of the photos of some real estate agents post of their client’s homes, it is amazing the client keeps them. What is probably even worse is most of the clients never bother to look! They should also use social media to spread the word. If they are not doing this then they are selling you short and you may never get sold for the money you expect.
  3. Real Estate agents should regularly update their customers on the feedback from showings and about anything else that may concern them. A seller needs to know what is going on with the sale of their home. Too many Real Estate agents get a client and then only check back in when they get an offer. Even if there are no offers, keeping in touch lets a seller know that you are doing something – and worth paying for.
  4. A pre-qualification in most cases is not worth the paper it is written on. Anybody can say they are interested in buying a house. Not everyone can get pre-approval for a home loan, though. A good listing agent will make sure that buyers are pre-approved – not just pre-qualified. There is a big difference between mortgage pre-qualification and pre-approval. You want buyers who have already submitted all information, including a credit report and been given the go-ahead for a loan. As long as nothing changes with their financial situation or their credit, they should be able to get approval and buy your client’s home.

Why Choose Carmona Realtors?

The best agents will go out of their way to fight hard for the best terms and conditions for their clients. This, after all, is what they are paid to do. A great Real Estate agent will never think about their pocketbook but what makes the most sense for their client. This is one of the reasons why you should never choose and an agent that “needs” to make a sale. When you hire an agent like those at Carmona Realty Group who isn’t worried about when their next sale takes place, you will get much better advice.

Real Estate Agents from Carmona Realty can Find the Perfect Home

Real Estate Agents from Carmona Realty can Find the Perfect Home

Real Estate Agents from Carmona Realty can Find the Perfect Home

There is one thing that is true now and forever. Time has a way of changing things. That can be said also when it concerns real estate. If you take a look around at the homes for sale in Venetian Isles many neighborhoods, you will see that things have changed quite drastically over the last ten years. Neighborhoods have grown, new houses have been built and an entirely new set of families have moved in. Let’s face it, not many things every stay the same over a long span of years. This has never been more evident than when it comes to the way people shop around for that perfect home today. In an internet driven world, searching for a home is quicker and a more hands-on process. However, it removes the human element from the equation.If you are looking for your dream home and still believe in the personal touch of a live realtor, contact a Real Estate Professional from Carmona Realty Group, LLC.

Zillow vs Carmona Realty Group – The Key Differences

We’ve come a long way in how we look for a home. But there is somewhat of a dispute that has been going on for quite some time. Maybe this dispute is all about a matter of preference. Shopping for a new home has become simplistic and easy. Some even say that realtors may have brought it all on themselves. But who can say for sure? Some people like the simple convenience of the internet while others like to be spoiled by the personable relationship you could have with a flesh and blood realtor.

Which is the Right Realtor for You Depends on What They Offer

There has always been a ruffled relationship between Zillow and real estate agencies. It has been a disagreement that has existed for the most part since practically the beginning of the internet. It has had a tremendous implication for the real estate sales industry as we know it, and possibly not in the way that real estate agents find easy to accept. One-stop online shopping may be a good way to purchase that new outfit, but is it the best way to purchase your new investment ? Some think they have found a great new way with internet shopping for a new home. Others would prefer the personal touch of a realtor.

There are many realtors out there that have become dependent on the ability of the internet to put their inventory out there to potential clients. And although the internet has become somewhat of a necessity as far as advertising goes, there are many that see the internet realtor sites such as Zillow as a direct competitor. Many real estate agents have found their way avoiding any use or connection in any way to Zillow. They feel as if the Zillow website is a thief in the night. There is a belief by many realtors that Zillow collects their listing information straight from the MLS agreements, repackages this information as their own and then sell it right back to them. To get this misbegotten information back from Zillow, realtors are required to pay astounding amounts of money.They even go as far as to display it all on their new, revamped website. It is all in the hopes that no one will notice the deception and the online realtor site is able to garnish any unknowing client. In time, realtors began to resent their part in the deception but were still willing to accept the internet sites as a great source of advertisement.

When You Want the Best, A Live Realtor Would Be the Best Choice

That is why contracting a realtor such as the Carmona Realty Group is a better move than online searching. At least with Carmona, you get a real person that can personally handle your home search for you. Sure, shopping on Zillow may be quicker and it may open the world of real estate possibilities to you, but are you really looking at a “world” of possibilities? Or do you only want a few possibilities within the neighborhoods you choose? Many want the latter and a proven realtor such as Carmona Realty Group can be the realtor for you.

Although Zillow does get leads by repackaging information from MLS syndication and other sources, and making an accessible and consumer friendly front end, realtors ignore this segment of lead generation prowess to their own detriment. However, realtors have seen that control deteriorates over time. Not too long ago, the only way to get information about a property was to approach an agent. Now it can be as simple as a Google search, and Realtors tend to offer value by controlling past sales history information themselves and offer valuable technical training and experience.

The bottom line is, Zillow will, for the most part, stay out of the brokerage game if they can help it. Although starting a national online brokerage is a significant capital investment, it is not Zillow’s specialty. It will carry a lot of risks. Zillow can avoid those risks altogether if peace can be returned between Realtors and the online realtors.

Do Real Estate Agents Get Commission on New Construction?

Do Real Estate Agents Get Commission on New Construction?

Anyone that has ever considered purchasing a home in Miami, near Venetian Islands knows that realtors generally work on commission. But what is important to you as a home buyer is, “Who will pay that commission?”. Consider this, when you are working with a great realtor , they are the one who will negotiate for you with the builder getting even more savings for you. Your realtor typically goes to bat for you especially when there is a deal to be made. When looking at a used home many assume that the price is flexible and go into a bid process. But when looking at a new home there is the assumption that the price is fixed. In reality, on most occasions, there can be more flexibility with new construction. With all that is involved in the process, it is not surprising to find out that it is quite common for the builder to be the one to pay the buyer’s agent roughly 3% of the sales price. The idea here is to attract agents toward the new homes when they are working for their clients. There are times when the realtor will work for the buyer and the new construction seller. In this case, the realtor gets both commissions.

Many times, who pays what depends on the individual situation. The realtor will get a commission from the builder provided it was the builder who promised a fee in the MLS and the fee is confirmed by the real estate agent . Also, if the realtor and the builder have an agreement concerning referrals just in case the realtor is the one who brings the buyer to the builder.On the other hand, the builder is not expected to pay the commission if the realtor introduced the buyer to the builder with no expectation of referral fee or commission to be paid. Also, there is no expectation of a commission if there is a fee listed on the buyer agreement between the buyer and realtor and the buyer is not represented by a brokerage. The bottom line is, a realtor can save a buyer a sizeable amount of money in overages and mistakes. In addition, there have been many cases where a realtor is compensated by their client or the builder for continuing to help the client ensure that the builder is building exactly what they agreed upon.

What are Buyers Agents?

There are builders even paying 5% commission as an incentive for agents to pitch Venetian islands Miami beach FL homes for sale when the average commission is about 3% Builders may also have agents who are licensed realtors and they are considered as contractors or employees and get paid on a different scale because of the captive environment. However, when a new construction is not on the MLS, but they are advertising that the builder welcomes buyer’s agents, that is a way of saying that they would be willing to pay the realtor’s commission if necessary.When their website states they will pay buyer’s agents a fee, your realtor must go in with you the first time you go see the properties to register you as their client. Without this, builders often won’t compensate the agent and you’ll lose your representation. You will not get a discount for not having an agent. You’ll just lose the one person you had in the transaction that isn’t negotiating against you.

Always remember that the builder’s agent will represent the builder, not you. It would be in your best interest to get licensed and experienced realtors like those at Carmona Homes to lead the charge when looking for your newly constructed home. It is good to know that builders will have a great bit of experience when it comes to negotiation. So it would be best to have a realtor with years of real estate negotiation experience on your side. Always remember, having an experienced realtor on your side for negotiation is not an expense you can bypass. It is priceless. It is your realtor that will understand the nuances of a new home purchase. They will be the one that will work on your behalf to negotiate that better deal, the upgrades you can get, and what other items will suit your best interests. Many people would not even consider trying to purchase and existing home without a realtor. So, why would anyone consider purchasing a newly constructed home without a realtor? No matter who is paying the commission, having a realtor on your side is the best investment you could make.

Hire Your own Realtor When Buying a New Build

It might be in your best interest to bring your realtor to the table. Otherwise, you will be un-represented as the agent that will write the offer for you works only for the seller. This could mean that they are not obligated to protect your interests. A builder could possibly have their own contracts when a lot of the standard protections that buyers have in the purchase agreements could be changed.

Do I Have to Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy A House?

Do I Have to Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy A House?

We have all done it before. That well-meaning DIY project that seemed simple in the online video. Whether it is your internally thrifty nature to save money or the fear of trusting another person to do the job, sometimes you should give your decision to do it yourself a second thought. You could find yourself a third of the way through the project and find yourself saying, “What have I gotten myself into? What was I thinking?”.But then, you realize you are in a situation where there is no turning back, you’ve committed and must see this through. All the way through the continuation of this project, you see the error in your ways and promise yourself that the next time you will get a professional to handle it. Like many projects that we all tackle in life, some of us can do it and others shouldn’t. It is like some of us have green thumbs and can grow beautiful gardens. While there are others that can kill a blade of grass by simply looking at it. So, if you are thinking about buying a house without a realtor, there are a few things you may want to consider before stepping out on that ledge.You might want to consider contacting the wonderful realty professionals at Carmona Homes a call and let their expertise do the work for you.

Those that decide to go it alone without a realtor have their own reasons for doing so. But just like everything else in life that you choose to do all on your own, not everyone has the savvy to do so. In fact, the reason some realtors are so good at what they do is because they possess certain professional traits that make them a success Now, before you go all-in and still decide to go it alone, maybe you should ask yourself the following questions first to determine if you are one of those people that have what it takes to purchase a home without the help of a Carmona Homes real estate professional

  • Do I have the attention span that will make me attentive to details enough to do the tedious research required?
  • What can I professionally do to give an unbiased analysis of things associated with real estate?
  • Am I the type of person with the ability to organize everything I find out about real estate and the properties I will be considering?
  • What do I legally know about the “fine print” and am I able to read it fully to understanding and act upon what I read

If you can honestly say yes to each of those questions, then you just might have a chance of purchasing that home on your own. If you are unsure or say no to any one of those questions, then it is important that you get a realtor you can trust to do the work for you.

In addition, before you attempt to purchase a home alone, here are four of the most difficult steps to buying a home with and without a realtor that you should first consider.

Searching for that perfect home

A realtor will go through online databases, making a portfolio of prospective properties. This portfolio will contain the current market info on the property, comp information on the neighborhood and then walk you through and explain it all to you. Without a realtor, it is all a find and search process that is all on you. You will have to go through online real estate sites to find the homes that match your possible wish list. This is where your research savvy must kick in. You must spend hours of time researching local market trends, a task that can become tedious and time-consuming.

Getting to know the neighborhoods you’ve chosen.

With a realtor on your side who has the innate knowledge of the area you are looking at, you will be informed about neighborhood statistics. This realtor can tell you all about the schools, zoning, walkability of the area and shopping potential. Without a realtor, it is up to you to do your footwork and internet searching to find all the information that is important to you and your family. Who knows? It could be fun, or it could be the most mind-numbing adventure you could every undertake.

Making that competitive offer that is meaningful.

A realtor has the expansive knowledge of market and comp information that allows them to get you the most competitive offer at the price you are looking for. This realtor is expert in the art of leveraging negotiations. On your own, you will have to learn the negotiation skill and be ready to use it on the fly. It involves more research on your own about local comp prices and knowing what is considered fair. You must also be able to determine what is considered “too high” and know how to counter and use the comps in your favor.

The “fine print”, what does it mean?

A realtor knows and understand the fine print of real estate paperwork and know how to interpret the legal language. They can clean it up and clarify the clauses, explain the hidden fees and conditions for you so that you can make the informed decisions that matter to you. If you have decided not to use a realtor, contracting a real estate attorney may be your best option in this case. You must understand the legalities of the documents you are about to sign and if you don’t have a legal background yourself, then take no chances.

This is by no means a full list of pros and cons of purchasing a home with or without a realtor. However, it shows that purchasing a home is not the average DIY project that you should take lightly. But if you are still considering making that move all by yourself, it pays to get prepared and be ready for those “What have I done?” moments. Still not sure? Contact the professionals at Carmona Homes and become a home owner without the purchase headaches.

The Carmona Realty Group Knows the Real Value of Your Venetian Isles Property 

The Carmona Realty Group Knows the Real Value of Your Venetian Isles Property 

When you have the right realtor to help you sell your home, they know that it is essential that you know the “real” value of your home. Having Carmona Realty Group to handle the sale of your home in Venetian Isles is the best decision you could make. These are the real estate professionals that are able to provide you with a truthful overall picture of what you can expect when selling your beautiful property. They know how to use the latest in online tools, comparable properties, and appraisals to find value and sell your home like the professionals they are. What is even better is they know the Venetian Isles area very well and are therefore more capable than other outside realtors to guide you in the sale of your property and get you the best potential offers.

Your home value is important. You may wonder how to determine what your home’s value is and why does it truly matter. Look at it this way, when you first purchased your home, how much did you think it was worth when you were considering purchasing it? Using all the information you were given about the home from different sources, how did you determine how much this home was worth to you? So simply put, your home is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. But in the grand scheme of things, it is really worth your time as a seller to know the real value of your home so that when the offers start rolling in you will be better prepared to negotiate or accept the best offer.

The Carmona Realty Group Can Use the Real Value as a Tool to Sell Your Home in Venetian Isles

Knowing the real value of your current home or a prospective home you plan to buy will help you buy, sell, refinance or even give you the ability to negotiate lower property taxes. Below are given five possible ways to determine the “real” value of your home.

It is important to know how to access and use online valuation tools

When you go online to the Carmona Realty website,you have access to their home value estimator . Using the estimator on their website will give you a more reliable idea of what your Venetian Isle home is worth. Don’t be afraid to do your own research. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have, the better you are able to make the best decisions for you. Using public records like property transfers, deeds of ownership and tax assessments will possibly predict your home’s value based on recent sales and listing prices in the Venetian Isles area. Try to stay away from the valuation information given on home search websites as they may not be accurate. It would be best to stick with the information you can get from Carmona Realty Group and glean on your own accord.

Use a broker or realtor such as Carmona Realty Group to get a price opinion and competitive market analysis

They are always ready and able to go deeper into the value of your home and give you honest information concerning the market and what competitive properties are offering. They will even be able to provide information concerning recent sale values of similar properties in your Venetian Isles neighborhood.

Go online and use a federal house price index calculator

To get a quick estimate of what your home is really worth, there is a federal housing financing agency house price index (HPI) calculator . Using this calculator applies a scientific approach called a repeat sales method.It can track the change in a property’s value from one sale to the next. It will then take all of this information and use it to estimate how values fluctuate in any given market. One note of caution however, this calculator looks at conforming home mortgages and does not adjust for seasonal changes or for inflation.

You can hire a professional appraiser

With the guidance of your Real Estate Agent at Carmona Realty Group, they will assist you with your Venetian Isles home appraisal. Lenders require an appraisal before a mortgage is approved. However, as the owner of property in Venetian Isles you can personally hire an appraiser to estimate your home’s value any time you’d like. Appraisers can evaluate,

  • The current market in the region, city and neighborhood in which your home is located.
  • Your property characteristics which include improvements and the land it sits on
  • Comparable properties in the same market. This includes sales, listings, vacancies, cost, depreciation and other factors.
  • After all the data is collected, it is all combined and a final opinion of value report is created for the home and delivered to you for your review.

Lastly, a realtor can use those appraisals to look at the recent sales of comparable properties in Venetian Isles.

Carmona Realty Group can use “comps” to determine your Venetian Isle home’s market value without the information from an appraiser. Then, using and “apples to apples” comparison, consider which properties would draw a potential buyer’s interest if your home was not available on the market.

These are only suggestions that you could use to your benefit.When valuating your home, it is best to use common sense solutions. This can better provide you with an honest “real value” of your property and it may also offer you suggestions concerning improvements and other strategies that will allow you to sell your home and the best price possible.

Why Choose Carmona Realtors?

Listing Your Westchester Home with Carmona Realty Group Will Bring You Better Purchase Offers

It is important to use a realtor that is expert in the sale of your Westchester Miami home for sale. The realtors you need on your side is Carmona Realty Group LLC . We can provide you with a marketing plan that will give your property the best exposure, therefore, maximizing your chances of selling your property quickly and getting you the top dollar you expect to receive for your investment. You want someone that knows about real estate disclosures and legal requirements. They should also know about managing the appraisal process, inspections and buyer qualifications. In addition, your realtor should be able to understand any complications that could occur during the selling process when dealing with buyers. Here at Carmona Realty Group will help you to determine how best to use the information you find out about the market value of your home.

When it comes to the comparable homes in your area, how are you better able to use this information to get the best offer for your home? What do you know about the median prices in your area? Sometimes there can be so many questions and not enough answers. Sure selling a home can be tricky, but with the help of the Carmona Realty Group, you will be able to solve all the problems associated with placing your home on the market. Our fine team of Realtors have years of expertise behind them to make sure we keep you happy throughout the process. You will get your home sold in a timely manner and at a price that you will be thoroughly satisfied with. Selling your home is not just a process, it takes the expertise of a Realtor that knows the area and all that it has to offer a new resident.

Marketing Your Home in Westchester is What the Team at Carmona Realty Group Does Well

There is an old adage out there that has defined the best pieces of real estate for many years. It is the epitome of what real estate is all about – “location, location, location”. Now, suppose you had a realtor that truly understood what that really meant and was willing to use it to your advantage? They would be able to get you that perfect home in the Westchester area that would work for you and your family. Here are five reasons to allow our knowledgeable Realtors at Carmona Realty Group to help with finding the home for you. Luck will be in your favor and you will get all five making your new home a fantastic investment.

The Realtors at Carmona Realty know the area, therefore they are well versed on how safe the neighborhoods are. Typically people want to live where there is little or no crime. There is nothing better than feeling safe in a home. You want to feel free to walk around the area and interact with your new neighbors. Safety is very important.

When you have kids, making sure they get the best education from a great school is first and foremost. When looking for the best home, many with kids start by looking at schools first and then radiating out from there. The better the school district, the higher the value of the homes that surround it.

If you are a shopaholic, then having a home that is walking accessible to nearby shops, stores and eateries would be perfect. It is all about convenience and the better the location the happier and healthier you will be.

Who doesn’t love a good beach? Homes near the beach are a particular hearty find. Even if you are wary of swimming in the water, having that wonderful view is not bad at all. Living in Westchester will not fail to please. With homes located just a few miles from the beach, you will not be disappointed. The team at Carmona Realty Group will help you find a home where the water is wonderful.

Living near public transit and close access to the nearest freeway is important. Sometimes you just want to do your part to diminish traces of your carbon footprint. When you don’t want to take your car, it is great that you can simply walk not far from your front door to find and an alternative mode of transportation. On days when you must take your car, it is wonderful to be able to get on the freeway within blocks from your driveway.

So whether you are in the market to purchase a home or sell your home, the people at Carmona realty can get you started. Your new home is just around the corner and they are sure to find it for you. If you are trying to sell your current home, Carmona Realty has a marketing strategy that is sure to work, getting your home sold at a price you are sure to be happy with.

Carmona Realty Group Will List Your House in West Chester

Carmona Realty Group Will List Your House in West Chester

Selling your home can be the most complicated process you would have ever thought to involve yourself in. Many have said that the step by step process can take months. They have also said that if you want someone else to handle the complexity and get your home sold in a shorter amount of time, you get a real estate company. If your home is in the West Chester Florida area, you have access to the best realtor in the region. Contacting Carmona Realty Group LLC will give you access to a full array of resources that will make selling your home much easier to understand. It is good to know the value of your home. But do you really? The home right down the street looks just like yours. Could it possibly be comparable to yours? If it is, what impact would this information have on the ability to sell your home?Perhaps you have no idea what the median price of the homes is in your area. No matter what information about you may or may not know, it is best practice to get a realtor to handle the transaction from beginning to end. You don’t want any realtor, you want one that has knowledge of Westchester Florida real estate. You want Carmona Realty Group.

ealtor can help you at every stage of the sale, from setting the best price for marketing to closing the sale.Here are a few key reasons why having a realtor is so important.

  • Your real estate agent from Carmona Realty can give you information on what is happening in your local marketplace, as well as the price, financing, terms, and condition of competing properties.
  • Your real estate agent from Carmona Realty will set up a marketing planMarketing will make your property visible to the public as well as to other real estate agents through a Multiple Listing Service. An agent will also know when, where and how to advertise — which medium, format, and frequency will work best for your home and market.
  • Your Carmona Realty Group agent will go over every buyer’s proposal with you. This is only the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections and financing, and with their help, avoiding many possible pitfalls.
  • The required paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. Your Carmona Realty agent is the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to close.

With Carmona Realty Group are members of the National Association of Realtors RealtorsThey proudly display the Realtor logo on their business card, website, and marketing.These are only a few of the advantages of hiring a realtor. Considering the relatively small cost of hiring a Realtor and the large potential risk of not hiring one. You will find that it is smart to find a professional to sell your home.

Selling Your Home with a West Chester Florida Real Estate Company Could Be Easier Than You Thought

It can be a confusing endeavor when you are a novice in the processes involved in selling your home. No one should attempt to sell your home alone, especially when you do not have the experience in doing so. For this reason, you should contact a realtor that knows all about the area where your home is located. Why settle for any realtor? Get the best realtor in the real estate business that has experience with West Chester Miami real estate.You want someone that knows about real estate disclosures and legal requirements. They should also know about managing the appraisal process, inspections and buyer qualifications. In addition, your realtor should be able to understand any complications that could occur during the selling process when dealing with buyers.

That is why it is important to use a realtor that is expert in the sale of your Westchester Miami home for sale. The realtors you need on your side is Carmona Realty Group LLC. They can provide you with a marketing plan that will give your property the best exposure, therefore, maximizing your chances of selling your property quickly and getting you the top dollar you expect to receive for your investment.

When you want the best, you get the best. That is just what the Carmona Realty Group LLC will offer. They can take their 20 years of experience and thousands of prior sales and put it all to work for you. Even if what you want to get started is a preliminary estimate over the phone so that you can get a general idea of the real value of your Chester real estate, they can do that. However, your benefit will come from allowing them to visit your home. They will be able to see the actual condition of your property, make recommendations on improvements if needed and help you find ways to maximize the profit you can get on your investment.

Learn More About Homes for Sale in the Belen Area Miami

Don’t List Your House in Venetian Isles Without the Team of Carmona Realty Group

If you live in the Venetian Isles or anywhere in Florida, life has a way of changing. Whether it is because of marriage, divorce, the birth of a baby or an empty nest, life changes. When these things happen, many times it forces you to reconsider continuing to reside in your current home.Although your home may be the most important purchased investment you could make, these changes that happen in life may be the reason to sell your home. Because of this, it is best that you consult with a Venetian Islands Miami Real Estate Agent in your area that can assist you with the steps of selling your real estate There are a few sellers that will forego a realtor, deciding to go through the selling process on their own.For Sale by Owner” may be a good idea for those that are home seller savvy. However, for many wishing to sell their prized possession, selling it on their own is not at all the best decision. Doing so can even be disastrous.

Here are seven reasons why it is best to use Carmona Realty Group LLC when you have a home for sale in Venetian Isles

  • You want a realtor that can understand the seller’s market and will list your home at the right price.
  • They can give your home a better presentation. You want a realtor that is expert in staging a home for viewings. How a home is presented to potential buyers is very important.
  • Because they are expert at what they do, they get you more showings and offers. Many buyers choose to contact a real estate agent before they go looking at properties. In addition, agent to agent communication at showings can be key to getting an ideal offer.
  • You can get higher offers by listing with an agent. Your agent can handle the aspects of the purchase process in a professional manner. They can also impact the offer you receive from buyers.
  • Inspections are an important part of the selling process and your real estate agent can negotiate your inspection results. It is great to have a real estate agent in your corner because inspections can greatly impact the sale of your home.
  • If you are not familiar with the paperwork involved in the selling process, having an agent is paramount. Your real estate agent will handle this paperwork and speed up the selling process.
  • You want your home to sell at top value. By listing with Carmona Realty Group,you can sell your home for more money.

Let Carmona Realty Group List Your Home in Venetian Isles

Allowing Carmona Realty Group LLC to list your home will give you an advantage in today’s market. They will make sure that every step along the way is in line with what you want to accomplish when selling your property. We all know that your home is not just a place you live, but it is also your most valuable investment. You want to make sure that you use pertinent, current and reliable real estate information when making a sale proposition.You get so much more by using an agent from Carmona Realty Group. That is why it is best to consider finding an expert realtor to guide you through the process. Carmona Realty Group LLC are those experts in Venetian Isles for your real estate needs. When you are thinking of selling your home, they have the expertise to keep you on the right track and get you top dollar.They can assure you that they will do what they must to assure your home will be sold quickly at an acceptable price

One of the expert realtors from the Carmona Realty Group will come to your home and provide you with market information on competitive homes in your area. They will give you Free Comparable Market Analysis. This will be helpful in giving you an idea of how much your home is worth depending on comparable properties area. This can be very informative when helping you make decisions about the sale of your home. Your comparable market analysis will give you information like

  • Active listings: Homes that are currently for sale and are your competition for buyers.
  • Pending listings: Formerly active listings that are now under contract.
  • Sold listings: These are homes that closed within the past three months and are your comparable sales.
  • Off-Market, Withdrawn or Canceled: These properties were taken off the market for a variety of reasons. Usually, because they were priced too high, far above the median prices of comparable sales.

Carmona Realty Group knows the importance of comparable sales. They know how to take into consideration the sales of homes that most closely resemble your home. You wouldn’t want your three-level, four-bedroom home compared to a single level ranch home. Your realtor would assure that comparisons are correct and fair.