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Real Estate Agents from Carmona Realty can Find the Perfect Home

August 28, 2018

Real Estate Agents from Carmona Realty can Find the Perfect Home

There is one thing that is true now and forever. Time has a way of changing things. That can be said also when it concerns real estate. If you take a look around at the homes for sale in Venetian Isles many neighborhoods, you will see that things have changed quite drastically over the last ten years. Neighborhoods have grown, new houses have been built and an entirely new set of families have moved in. Let’s face it, not many things every stay the same over a long span of years. This has never been more evident than when it comes to the way people shop around for that perfect home today. In an internet driven world, searching for a home is quicker and a more hands-on process. However, it removes the human element from the equation.If you are looking for your dream home and still believe in the personal touch of a live realtor, contact a Real Estate Professional from Carmona Realty Group, LLC.

Zillow vs Carmona Realty Group – The Key Differences

We’ve come a long way in how we look for a home. But there is somewhat of a dispute that has been going on for quite some time. Maybe this dispute is all about a matter of preference. Shopping for a new home has become simplistic and easy. Some even say that realtors may have brought it all on themselves. But who can say for sure? Some people like the simple convenience of the internet while others like to be spoiled by the personable relationship you could have with a flesh and blood realtor.

Which is the Right Realtor for You Depends on What They Offer

There has always been a ruffled relationship between Zillow and real estate agencies. It has been a disagreement that has existed for the most part since practically the beginning of the internet. It has had a tremendous implication for the real estate sales industry as we know it, and possibly not in the way that real estate agents find easy to accept. One-stop online shopping may be a good way to purchase that new outfit, but is it the best way to purchase your new investment ? Some think they have found a great new way with internet shopping for a new home. Others would prefer the personal touch of a realtor.

There are many realtors out there that have become dependent on the ability of the internet to put their inventory out there to potential clients. And although the internet has become somewhat of a necessity as far as advertising goes, there are many that see the internet realtor sites such as Zillow as a direct competitor. Many real estate agents have found their way avoiding any use or connection in any way to Zillow. They feel as if the Zillow website is a thief in the night. There is a belief by many realtors that Zillow collects their listing information straight from the MLS agreements, repackages this information as their own and then sell it right back to them. To get this misbegotten information back from Zillow, realtors are required to pay astounding amounts of money.They even go as far as to display it all on their new, revamped website. It is all in the hopes that no one will notice the deception and the online realtor site is able to garnish any unknowing client. In time, realtors began to resent their part in the deception but were still willing to accept the internet sites as a great source of advertisement.

When You Want the Best, A Live Realtor Would Be the Best Choice

That is why contracting a realtor such as the Carmona Realty Group is a better move than online searching. At least with Carmona, you get a real person that can personally handle your home search for you. Sure, shopping on Zillow may be quicker and it may open the world of real estate possibilities to you, but are you really looking at a “world” of possibilities? Or do you only want a few possibilities within the neighborhoods you choose? Many want the latter and a proven realtor such as Carmona Realty Group can be the realtor for you.

Although Zillow does get leads by repackaging information from MLS syndication and other sources, and making an accessible and consumer friendly front end, realtors ignore this segment of lead generation prowess to their own detriment. However, realtors have seen that control deteriorates over time. Not too long ago, the only way to get information about a property was to approach an agent. Now it can be as simple as a Google search, and Realtors tend to offer value by controlling past sales history information themselves and offer valuable technical training and experience.

The bottom line is, Zillow will, for the most part, stay out of the brokerage game if they can help it. Although starting a national online brokerage is a significant capital investment, it is not Zillow’s specialty. It will carry a lot of risks. Zillow can avoid those risks altogether if peace can be returned between Realtors and the online realtors.