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Homes for Sale Westchester Miami

Westchester: A Great Place to Live and Shop

Westchester is a charming neighborhood on the west side of Miami. It is known for its good schools and family life. Many young families and married couples enjoy the interaction with neighbors and the downtown district which is close by. There is an abundant choice of home styles and price ranges to fit your housing needs.

There is something for everyone that lives in this city including:

In addition, you will find the social, civic, and shopping districts a short distance away.

Homes for Sale

Our team of experienced realtors will help you find the ideal home to purchase in Westchester. We want you to find a home you would be happy to live in for many years. We advise to clean up your credit report and make your credit as strong as possible. Get a current copy and correct any and all errors. This will be attractive to lenders and the sellers.

We will work with you to determine the price you can reasonably afford to pay for a home. We will explain all of the mortgage options available and match the best one to your situation. Depend on Carmona Realty Group for the best home buying services in South Florida.

Prices of homes are based on their age, square footage, lot size, style, condition, upgrades, and other factors. You can see the price range below of available homes in the area.

Homes for Rent

Renting a house in the Westchester area has become quite competitive. As a renter, you need to be prepared with the right answers and budget. Our team at Carmona Realty Group will help you prepare for interviews with landlords so you get to rent the home of your dreams. Timing the market is important and we will keep you posted on all new rentals that open up.

One of the major things to do is make yourself stand out from the crowd. Explain why you are the perfect renter by explaining you will honor all lease requirements and pay the rent on time every month. Stress that you will keep the home in good condition just like you have done in the past. Our team of pros will assist you in creating a solid relationship with the landlord. We have the experience and expertise to reach this goal. When you find the home you want, ACT without delay!

You will be expected to put up the first and last month’s rent and a security deposit upon signing. If you can’t afford this amount you need to find a lower priced rental home or condominium. Don’t worry, we will help you do the math, paperwork, and negotiating. This is the typical range of monthly rental prices in Westchester:

We provide the same quality search for your rental as we do for buying a home. Renting a home meets some people’s lifestyles better than owning. Here are some of the major reasons:

Let us know your needs and we will dedicate our talents to fill them.

Homes Are Selling Fast and You Don’t Want to Miss Your Opportunity

Snowbirds are not the only people moving to Florida. Thousands of individuals and families are coming here for the warm climate, the beauty of the area, and outdoor activities. Homes listed for sale and rent typically don’t last long. Know your needs before talking with us and we can speed the process up dramatically. Have your finances in order and be ready to act fast.


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