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Dealing With Home Depreciation, Carmona Can Help You Understand What It Means

September 21, 2018

It is your home, your sanctuary, and your solace. The place you’ve worked so hard to get means so much to you and your family. There are good times and bad times, but it contains memories that can’t be defined by a monetary number. But still, you realize that your home is different from other financial investments. This is because a home contains personal meaning beyond what the appraiser said it was worth. You genuinely expect more and acquiring long-term appreciation is part of it. However, you do realize that the Belen home you have for sale is a significant undertaking, and no one likes to see it decrease in value. If real estate prices in your area are pitching downward, in the wrong direction, you can always contact a real estate genius at Carmona Realty Group LLC. We can explain what it means for you and how you can best turn that moves upward. In the meantime, check out this guide to help you better understand home depreciation.

 home depreciation
There can be many reasons why a home depreciates. For the most part, quite a few of these reasons are out of the control of the homeowner. You must consider economic factors which can affect your home sale in the Belen area not only at a local level but on the national level as well. It can cause a short-term and long-term decrease in the price of the home. During the last economic downward spiral in the economy, there were areas of the country that saw a dramatic decline in home values. Take a good look at Federal Reserve History. Notice the subprime mortgage crisis that occurred during the years of 2007 and 2010. You will see that it was the expansion of mortgages to high-risk borrowers and rising house prices that contributed to the decrease in home values. Also, there were the closing of local companies, unemployment, an increase in crime rates and drop in regional school rankings that further attributed to the decrease in home values. Now, combine all that with the new home construction that gave potential homebuyers more and better amenities, and this is evidence of how the decline in home values occurred.

How Depreciation Could Affect You

Depreciation is a hard fact to face and even harder to deal with. What can also compound the issue is when it is time to sell your home, then what? The same can be said for the homeowner who simply wants to refinance their mortgage. Just think about your future. Do you see yourself somewhere down the road considering the possibility that you will want to relocate? This may be the time you may want to reconsider investing in a number of home improvement project you’ve wanted to get done. Taking the quality time to sit back and decide on which projects would most likely add the most value to your Belen area home for sale and fundamentally improve your sale price may be a beneficial move to make. However, if a declining home value leaves you on the downside with your mortgage, it could leave you struggling to get refinanced. But there is help available for you. There are affordability refinance programs that you could qualify for. In addition, there is the Federal Housing Administration Short Refinance plan or other government-sponsored programs designed for borrowers with negative equity. Also, if you are unsure of which way to go, those at Carmona Realty can give you more insight on what the real value of your property may be and how better to escape the enormity of negative equity.

You’ve Decided to Sell, What is the Next Step?

After going over all the pros and cons, some people decide to take their best shot, absorb their losses and sell their home anyway. This is especially true when falling home values are expected to continue, and there seems to be no end in sight, at least not in time for you to benefit from it. In this case, expediting the sale of your home may bring an end to the struggle, but you may end up having to bite the bullet and accept a lower purchase offer. You may end up with your home sold, but the loss may be a fact that you will have to endure. If this is more of a storm than you want to weather, then our professional realtor here at Carmona Homes can guide you and offer ideas to make the process more palatable.

Perhaps, you are in no hurry to sell. This is the opportunity you want because you believe that weathering the storm and waiting for your house to potentially return to its initial value is best. There is always the options of selling or staying in your home. Many want to consider their pros and cons between the financial investment you’ve worked hard to get and living in a home that is your heart and soul. Of course, there can be many reasons to stay in a home, even if its value has depreciated. Remember, there are a lot of beautiful, and unforgettable memories there. Maybe you like the neighborhood, or it might be in a convenient location for work and the kid’s schools. There is no problem with wanting your kids to stay in the same school until graduation. It’s for these reasons and many more, your home may contain a unique value, and it is worth more to you than any monetary figure could define. And you know what? That is positively and absolutely ok.